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Got my hair done!
Just ordered this! :)
It’s so pretty. :)

Limn & Lovely
It’s crazy to imagine how much your life can change in a year, how circumstances at the time seem like the end of your life, but they lead to something amazing. I am truly blessed that I have this boy in my life and I just don’t know what I would do without him. I am so happy I am not where I was a year ago. We have our ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because our fights bring us closer. I have never had anybody know every detail about me and trusted them to not tell anyone until I met you. I love you. I love you good times and bad times. To the moon and back. theredrocket17
Happy labor day weekend!
Anonymous said: What's your new insta?

I replied:


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Date someone who meets you half way. Date someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend money on ridiculous things. Date someone your ex hates and your mom loves. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barley even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a little puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.

-At the end of the day it’s the little things. (via offtheocean)

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