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Catchin some cats. 😊

jesus-n-gypsysoule: you are the one who tagged it “@ me next time.” So we did. And just what made you think my post was about you? Narcissistic much? And you could have at least not went anonymous. And why does this have to be about him? I don’t give two shits. Lol. I never said anything about him. We just don’t like you. Haha.

Pussied Out.

jesus-n-gypsysoule, I don’t understand why you make a post about holyheifer and I calling you out, and then I do, and then you delete your post? Like if you wanna be a big girl you can’t do that. NPS.

Anonymous said: did you delete your insta?

I replied:

I made a new one.

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Turning you on turns me on.

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Next time you send hate mail..

Make sure you send it to the right one of us… clearly one of us has heifer in their username. Dumbass. Lol. holyheifer

holyheifer and i are partners in crime forever. lmao.


Anonymous said: Now I get why you like heifers so much... because you look the same.

I replied:

Thanks honey! 

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Now I get why you like horses so much…

Because you both look the same.